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iLovePDF VS SmallPDF Which Online PDF Tool is Better

iLovePDF VS SmallPDF: Which Online PDF Tool is Better?

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are widely used for sharing purposes. They may be seen on a wide variety of devices without losing their formatting or readability. It might be difficult to work with PDF files without the right tools. Online PDF tools are best for this purpose.

You may create, edit, compress, and manage PDF files with the help of online PDF tools. Accessibility is further improved with online PDF tools because they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

There are several free online PDF tools, but two of the most well-known are iLovePDF and SmallPDF.

But what’s the goal of this post?

The goal of this post (obviously iLovePDF VS SmallPDF ) is to assist readers in selecting the best online PDF tool for their specific requirements. We’ll look at how iLovePDF and Smallpdf stack up against one another in terms of their features, interface, cost, performance, security, and support staff. The purpose of this comparison is to help you weigh the pros and cons of each tool and make a well-informed choice.

So should we start?


Features of iLovePDF

Ilovepdf logo png with grey background

iLovePDF is a free, web-based PDF editor with many helpful features. iLovePDF’s Keyd features include the following:

1. PDF Conversion:

The power to convert files to PDF format is one of iLovePDF’s most useful features. With iLovePDF, PDF files can be converted to Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, ppts, and image files. And It’s not just limited to PDFs.

2. PDF Editing:

PDFs can be edited with iLovePDF’s handy tools. Pages can be added or removed, PDFs can be combined or divided, and PDFs can be rotated or rearranged. This tool also allows you to customize them with text, page numbers, and watermarks.

3. Compressing PDF documents:

With the help of iLovePDF, you can reduce the size of massive PDF files, making them more manageable and suitable for sharing and archiving. Sending PDFs through email or uploading them to a website are two common uses for this function.

4. PDF Organization

iLovePDF allows you to organize your PDFs into a single document or split a large PDF into several manageable pieces.

There are also a few more features, but in this post we have just included these.

Features of SmallPDF

Small PDF Logo in PNG with grey background

Another well-liked and popular online PDF tool that’s also packed with useful features is called Small PDF. Here are a few features that SmallPDF is offering:

1. PDF Conversion:

PDF files can be converted and exported to various formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG.

2. PDF Editing:

SmallPDF also offers a PDF editor for its users. Users can edit PDFs by inserting text, photos, and shapes, highlighting, striking out, underlining, drawing, and adding signature fields.

3. PDF Compression:

Compressing PDFs with Smallpdf’s handy PDF compression tool is the third feature. This feature allows users to significantly reduce the size of their PDFs without sacrificing quality. Users can reduce the size of their PDFs by up to 80% without sacrificing quality by using this tool.

4. PDF Management:

SmallPDF provides a number of features designed to assist users in managing their PDF documents. Users have the option to password-protect their PDFs, add page numbers, watermarks, and headers and footers.

SmallPDF’s many benefits include its low cost, wide variety of useful functions, and simple interface.

Overall, Smallpdf is a powerful online PDF tool with many useful options for modifying, converting, and compressing PDF files. Features like electronic signatures and the ability to sync with cloud storage have made it as a popular tool.

iLovePDF VS SmallPDF

iLovePDF VS SmallPDF Which Online PDF Tool is Better

1. User Interface Comparison:

Both iLovePDF and SmallPDF provide intuitive interfaces that make it simple to use all of their capabilities. However, they are not identical in appearance.

While iLovePDF’s UI is basic and minimalist, SmallPDF’s is more current and visually appealing.

2. Pricing Comparison:

There are free and premium versions of both iLovePDF and SmallPDF available. The free versions have limited capabilities, whereas the paid ones have more bells and whistles.

The free version of iLovePDF has a daily task limit of two. Simple PDF operations such as converting, editing, compressing, and organizing fall under this category. Unlimited access to all capabilities, including batch processing and OCR, is available in the paid version, iLovePDF Pro, for $6 per month.

There is a free version of SmallPDF that has a daily task limit of two. Simple PDF operations such as converting, editing, compressing, and organizing fall under this category. All of Smallpdf Pro’s features, like batch processing, electronic signatures, and password protection, are available to you for just $12 a month in the paid edition.

Both iLovePDF and SmallPDF are reasonably priced considering the quality of their individual features and capabilities. iLovePDF Pro is less expensive; however, SmallPDF Pro has more options, including electronic signatures and security passwords. The final decision between the two options should be based on the user’s preferences and available resources.

3. Performance Comparison

When it comes to handling PDF files, you can’t go wrong with either iLovePDF or SmallPDF. SmallPDF appears to be slightly more expedient and effective than iLovePDF, though. Even when uploading very large files, Smallpdf’s website still loads swiftly. However, when working with larger or more complex files, iLovePDF can occasionally have some delays in processing.

4. Security and Privacy Comparison

The privacy and safety of their customers are top priorities for both iLovePDF and SmallPDF. They have huge data protection standards and use SSL encryption to secure data in transit. However, they approach user data in different ways.

Both tools take appropriate precautions to ensure this. If you care deeply about keeping your files and data private, though, Smallpdf might be the best choice.

5. Customer Support Comparison

Is it possible that we compare 2 tools but don’t talk about their customer support services? Obviously NAH!!!


Because having access to trustworthy and prompt customer service is crucial when working with online tools. Let’s evaluate iLovePDF and SmallPDF in terms of their respective customer service offerings.

In terms of customer service, both iLovePDF and SmallPDF deliver a great support. Both tools have a contact us form/page, and they also have their respective social media accounts So the final decision between the two options should be based on your own preferences and requirements.


After reviewing iLovePDF with SmallPDF, it is clear that each online PDF tool has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Overall, both iLovePDF and SmallPDF are great online PDF tools. But picking one tool over the other depends on your particular preferences and requirements.

Till that, thanks for reading our blog post on iLovePDF VS SmallPDF.

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