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How to Reduce PDF File Size for Free in 2023

There has been a rise in the use of the Portable Document Format (PDF) for online document distribution. Unfortunately, Portable Document Format (PDF) files takes a lot of space, making it challenging to send them over the internet or upload them for public downloads.

There may be significant storage and transfer costs associated with sending or receiving a large PDF file.

Compressing PDF files can put an end to these issues. In this post, we’ll explore How to Reduce PDF File Size for Free in 2023. Don’t Worry, this blog post shows how to compress PDF files online and offline.

We’ll also discuss ways to reduce PDF file size without sacrificing quality and other factors to consider while making your choice.

This post will help you understand the many PDF-compressing methods and choose the best one for your needs.

How to Reduce PDF File Size Using Online Tools

PDFs can be made smaller with the help of online compression tools, which are both quick and simple. In order to reduce file size, these tools get rid of extra information such as metadata, typefaces included in the file, and redundant data. Compression dramatically reduces file size while having no bad impact on pdf quality.

Some of the best PDF compression tools you can find online are listed below.

1. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a popular web app that may quickly and easily reduce the size of PDF documents. You can either click “Upload” to send the file to the server or “Drop” it onto the web page.

Smallpdf provides a range of compression options, you just need to pick the one that works best for you. The tool also has a preview function for the compressed PDF file before it is downloaded.

2. Soda PDF

Another popular web-based tool is Soda PDF. It also reduces the size of PDFs by as much as 90% without making the quality poor of the original document.

3. ilovepdf

ilovepdf, another free web tool to reduce PDF file size quickly and efficiently. The file can be previewed and compressed before downloading. IlovePDF also splits and combines PDFs.

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How to Reduce PDF File Size Using Desktop Compression Software

PDFs can be made smaller using desktop compression software. Desktop software, which is downloaded and installed on your computer, gives you greater control over the compression process than online applications. These programs employ complex algorithms to strip unneeded information from the PDF and reduce its size.

Some of the best PDF compressing programs for your desktop are as follows:

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

A popular desktop program for interacting with PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The PDF compression feature of the program lets you preview the file and select the desired amount of compression before saving.

In addition to its primary function as a PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC also includes tools for modifying PDFs and adding digital signatures.

2. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is yet another great desktop application for managing PDF documents. The PDF compression feature of the program lets you preview the file and select the desired amount of compression before saving.

PDFs can be converted and edited, and digital signatures can be added using Nitro Pro’s additional features.

3. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is a quick and efficient PDF editor with built-in compression for PDF documents. The PDF is compressed using sophisticated techniques without compromising readability. PDF-XChange Editor also has the ability to edit and annotate PDF files.

With desktop compression software, you have more say in the compression process. These programs have sophisticated options, including batch processing, OCR, and file merging. However, they are not always user-friendly and might be quite pricey. It’s crucial to pick the appropriate desktop compression software for your requirements and budget.

How to Reduce PDF File Size Manually Without Tools

Infographic on How to Reduce PDF File Size Manually Without Tools

PDF files can be made smaller with the use of online compression tools or desktop compression software, but there are other manual approaches that can be used if you want.

To reduce size without using any compression software, you can follow some of the following points:

1. Get rid of the extra pages.

To reduce the size of your PDF, you can get rid of any blank pages or pages with low-quality images. The pages you don’t require can be removed with ease using a PDF editor’s page deletion feature.

2. Reduce the picture quality.

Large PDF file sizes are typically attributable to the inclusion of images. The file size can be drastically decreased without affecting the quality of the material by simply reducing the image quality. The picture quality reduction option of most PDF editors allows you to compress images to a level that best suits your needs.

3. Grayscale the image.

The size of your PDF file can be drastically decreased by converting any color photos to grayscale. Grayscale photographs are more space-efficient than their color counterparts without sacrificing image quality.

4. Make the most of your document settings.

The size of a PDF can be minimized by carefully configuring the document options. Paper size, margin setting, and compression method are all factors to consider.

5. Make sure you’re using the right font and size.

PDF file sizes might also increase due to the use of certain fonts. You can lower the file size without sacrificing readability by selecting the proper font family and point size. Use a common typeface like Times New Roman or Arial instead of a custom one to save space and facilitate readability.

Manual procedures like these can help you reduce the size of PDF files without sacrificing quality, but they may take more time than utilizing compression software. You may make your files far more manageable and convenient to distribute and save by using the appropriate method for your needs.


I’ve listed a few widely asked FAQs on reducing the size of PDFs:

Why do I need to reduce the size of my PDF files?

There are times when reducing the size of your PDFs is crucial. In addition to taking up more space on your hard disk, sending and receiving large files can be a hassle and even slow down your connection rates.

By decreasing the size of PDF files, you can facilitate better document sharing and storage as well as reduce transmission times.

Will reducing the size of my PDF file affect the quality of the content?

How much space may be saved when compressing a PDF file? In the case of documents including text or graphics, certain compression methods can dramatically shrink the file size while doing so at the expense of content quality.

Therefore, go with the approach that works best for you.

Can I reduce the size of my PDF file without using compression tools?

PDF files can be made smaller without the use of compression software, but you’ll need to employ some manual methods.

Among these techniques are reducing the number of pages in the file and optimizing the document’s parameters.


In conclusion, knowing how to reduce PDF File size is an indispensable ability that can increase efficiency in terms of storage, transmission, and document sharing. Effective and efficient methods for decreasing the size of PDF files are provided in this post.

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